Artificial intelligence against hate:

Intervention Reducing Verbal Aggression in the Social Network Environment

Michal Bilewicz, Patrycja Tempska, Gniewosz Leliwa, Maria Dowgiallo, Michalina Tanska, Rafal Urbaniak, Michal Wroczynski

Aggressive Behavior


This article presents a quasi‐experimental intervention study designed to reduce the level of verbal aggression on a social networking service (Reddit). The interventions were based on three psychological mechanisms: induction of a descriptive norm, induction of a prescriptive norm, and empathy induction. Each intervention was generated using a communicating bot. Participants exposed to these interventions were compared with a control group that received no intervention. The bot‐generated normative communications (both the ones priming descriptive and the ones priming prescriptive norms), as well as the empathizing intervention, reduced the proportion of verbal aggression posted by Reddit accounts. All three interventions proved effective in reducing verbal violence when compared with the control condition.